Friday, February 09, 2007

Recent illustration work

Aside exploring my impressionis way of painting, I am doing a lot of illustration jobs. I am not always permitted to post those drawings immediately, but here are some of the ones I can show. The upper illustration is a detail of a book cover for a book called: De scheepsjongens van Bontekoe, a book based on a true classic Dutch story. They're also making a movie of the story, and this illustration was based on the actual actors of that movie. I would really like to paint the movie poster as well, but at this moment nothing is cetrain yet.

The other images are editorial illustrations for different magazines


Piotr said...

beautiful work all over the site! wonderful caricatures as well :P

Henrique said...

Great work. I really like your caricatures.


Jason Seiler said...

Very cool work, I especially like the arrow bit . . . really nice work!

robster16 said...

De cartoon met de pijlen, erg gaaf. Mooie compisitie, pose, kleuren en een heeel lekker handschrift! I'm a fan, oh yeah! Very nice!