Thursday, February 15, 2007

Photographing art

Does anyone have some advice on making photographs of paintings?
I have a great camera, yet I find it hard to make good pictures.
Can anyone tell me something about lighting, how to avoid reflections, how to avoid distortion, etc.




Bjorn said...


I have this same problem. My illustrations are 60 x 40 cm big (at the largest size). I've asked some pro's in photography how to do this. Read the discussion thread on here:

Now, best thing to do is finding yourself a 'reprotafel' if your work is not too big. If you are making bigger canvasses you might want to buy some really good softbox lights and a very good tripod. Some have 'waterpassen' on them.
Set up the lights on each side of the painting under an 45 degree angle. Make sure no light will bounce off direct on the lens. A good macro or 50 mm lens is all you need. Make multiple exposures experimenting with shutter-times. O yes, use a small diagfragma-opening.

I do not have a good digital cam yet so I still scan my work on a good Epson A4 scanner. I use a small but brilliant softwarepackage called 'Calico' to stitch the parts back together. Works like a charm. Calico is Mac-only and kosts some over 30 euro's.

Wouter Tulp said...

Thank you very much! Those are useful tips!