Monday, September 22, 2014

Der 7te Zwerg


Past weekend 'the seventh dwarf' premiered.
I worked on this project both on character design and visual development. I was lucky to work with the late Harald Siepermann, (known for his character designs for disney's Tarzan and Alfred J. Kwak)

I attached some of the designs I did.


Katherine Thomas said...

These are awesome. I like the lighting in the castle rooms. Where do you get ideas for the architecture and the details from the time period?

Peter Oedekoven said...

Man those are great!!!! Didn't know you were on that project too!!!!!AWESOME!

Phil Spehar said...

Love these, amazing work!

Michelle Oliveira said...

You are amazing! I just heard your interview for Chris Oatley and it gave me a lot to think about :) thanks for all in that record and for the great jazz

Mark Thelosen said...

...prachtig design werk zeg...!!