Thursday, July 05, 2012

FNV Bondgenoten

FNV Bondgenoten demonstrates agains the expence cuts that were negotiated in the Kunduz agreement. 
They kicked off their campaign with the animation : the social desert.
I had only four days to creat all the artwork for the animation. I had to study the style of Morris' Lucky Luke, to give the design a western touch. This was really a tough deadline, but given the circumstances, I think the clip turned out allright.
Animation was done by Hans Buying.


tek! said...

4 days for all of this? impressive!!
you nailed the morris design and inkstyle too. marvelous job there.
I also loved the little 'dog' :)

Sadami said...

mDear Wouter,
You're a genius. Great talents with manmos efforts. You often do political topics, too. I admire your sense of humour and social awareness.
Kind regards, Sadami

Izak van Langevelde said...

Well done, given the time constraints. How long did the animation take?

Wouter Tulp said...

Thanks, everybody!
@Izak: The animation was done in the same four days.

Mark Kjærgaard said...

HAHA.. That's just a ridicules deadline. Amazingly pulled of, to the team!!

caricature lafontaine said...

4 jours??? Wow....très bien!

Caricaturas said...

great job on 4 days and most funny dog ever seen on blogger what a haircut lol.

Anonymous said...

Wouter did a fantastic job on this video. The crazy deadline was mainly caused by the unexpected fall of our government and the anouncement of new elections. As a strategic consultant for FNV I was responsible for concept and script, we only had a couple of days also, but the collaboration with Wouter and Comichouse was like clockwork, literally, and both FNV and Taalkliniek are very pleased with the result.
Jan Kuitenbrouwer