Tuesday, February 05, 2008


This is a portrait of my girlfriend Nina. The hard thing about watercolor to me is that I easily do too much. Adding too many layers an too much detail can kill a painting. Watercolor means practising, practising, practising. I think the key lies in a global approach, adding only a few layers, and not going into detail too much. This one for me is another step towards understanding the medium.


Jason Seiler said...

Looks great Wouter . . . watercolor is a beast, but you've got a strong handle on it!

BTW, I tried emailing you today and it didn't work, did you get a new email address?

Ton said...

Je kan opzich wel wat, het is vooral lastig (vind ik) het contrast en scherpte erin te houden.

Maar je gebruikt het materiaal goed, lekkere stevige likken verf, kleurrijk en een mooie lichtwerking.