Thursday, July 26, 2007

John Singer Sargent

The greatest painter the world has ever seen. If there is anything you want to know about painting; check out John Singer Sargents work. He had all the answers.

I very often stare at his amazingly well placed brushstrokes, his unbelieveable understanding of color, and his virtuosity in seeing and translating form into brush ore pencilstrokes. Not even to mention his portraits.

A lot of his work can be seen
  • here

  • This illustration is 14 inch × 20 inch, gouache on heavy grain watercolor paper.


    Coen met een C said...

    Yes! nice and loose!
    I'd like to see more!!!

    Zo te zien heb je stiekem toch wat tijd over, niet dan???

    Geniet er maar fijn van, m'n jongh!

    je buurman

    Jason Seiler said...

    Wouter, this is very nice, well done! I've got a great book of Sargent's water work, it's a beautiful book. Most people only remember him for his amazing oil portraits, but the man was also a master watercolorist! Great work, I love this piece!

    Tim Bye said...

    You're not wrong Wouter - sargents work is amazing! This is a great portrait - super!

    marcobucci said...

    Amen to this post!

    Francis Vallejo said...

    I agree. I can't comprehend some of those paintings. Your work is amazing as well. I will be checking back here for sure!!
    take care,

    a r n e l said...

    Wouter, post nog es iets van "Z.E.S."
    Het eerste boek is nu toch verschenen...

    manohead said...

    nice job
    I lovely your style

    Joe Bluhm said...

    Sargent is most definitely amazing.

    This painting is great as well. I love the loose brush strokes.

    GUAICO said...




    Coen met een C said...

    Hi big friend and neighbour!

    Today, I finished my acryllic painting 'Immar, I am Sea'.
    So check my blog...

    See you soon!
    Greetz from Coenmeteenc

    عبد الرحمن أبو بكر said...

    EXCELENTE..Your work is amazing ..
    This is a great portrait
    i wish you visit my

    Roberto Freire / Robolus said...

    That´s brilliant, Wouter! Yes man, Sargent was the Greatest!

    Anonymous said...

    that very nice work with watercolor.
    im waiting new work with watercolor.
    mohammad babakoohi from iran